Jan. 1st, 2013

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I'm feeling back in the game with the GLTAS fan art now. I just needed a break from it because I was starting to feel creatively stifled and pressured in a way to do art that I didn't want to do. It's not that anyone was directly telling me to do anything but it's just more about people's reactions and the overall dialog in the fandom that just made me feel a bit alienated. I think this hiatus is to blame for the increased focus on Razaya. I mean, it was getting annoying before, but the shippers got progressively worse when they had no new material from the show to think about.

But there are a handful of people in the fandom who are still interested in seeing art that is more diverse character wise, and they make the experience of creating art for this fandom an enjoyable experience. So I just won't concern myself with the rest of them. And I feel certain that things will get much more interesting when the show returns. Can't wait!


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