Dec. 16th, 2013

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Monday's I am always feeling overwhelmed and unfocused. It's having to deal with the remains of the weekend that leave the house in chaos that does it. That and switching from spending my time with family mode to housework and art mode takes a day for me to do. So right now I just need to clear my head and take a moment to remind myself what I want to accomplish this week...

I think I should get out some craft supplies and have them ready before the kids get home so we can do Christmas crafts. I haven't done that with them yet. I'll need to spend plenty of time after that catching up on housecleaning so I can get on with Josiah's painting that I need to finish before Christmas. And, oh yeah, I need to send David to Office Depot to get blank cards so I can print Christmas cards. Yeah, I know. But most everyone I'm giving them to I'll see in person before Christmas. And it still counts as on time if you get them to everyone before Epiphany, right? Lol I'll stick with that excuse...

I realize that I need to limit my time on the Internet now. I mostly just look at sites from my iPhone in between doing other stuff, but lately I've realized that when I think I'm taking a 5 minute break, it's really more like a 20 minute break. I could have drawn something in that time. :/ And I need to get back to working on those little devotional paintings that I'm selling to Shawn. She's very busy right now, so no rush. But I want to have something ready for her. And I'd also like to start writing and drawing things for my original comic idea again. There was something I saw on tumblr that rekindled that, but I realize now that I only got so stirred up because this comic matters more to me than I realized. It's not very well developed at this point, but I just can't shake the feeling that it really matters to me. It's just a hobby, but it matters to me. I'd like to also work on a style for those comics that feels more natural for my skill set. I'm also getting excited about painting again. So I have so much creative stuff I'm dying to do that I'm just going to have to stop wasting any precious free time I have...

I've also got to get stocking stuffers and figure out what else I want to do for the kids, especially Elliot. Talked to my handy man father-in-law and he says with all the concrete I want to pour for a basketball court, we need to wait to do that in the Spring. He will help us do that, but we'll have to wait on that project. But we got him a couple of Lego sets and we still haven't decided what else to get him that he would like best. Maybe an erector set that builds remote control cars? I'm not sure yet though, David and I are debating that. Man, this holiday season is sneaking up on us!

... And now I need to hurry up and get out that craft stuff...


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