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Yesterday was eventful enough. I was absolutely delighted by the latest episode of Green Lantern:TAS and I have so much inspiration to work from from that episode that its just overwhelming. I mean, the hardest thing for me is trying to figure out which of my ideas for fan art are not too overly ambitious for me to attempt. It's good to keep reaching beyond my grasp, that helps me improve. But if I delve into a bunch of stuff that is too far over my head, I crash pretty hard and take a big blow to my confidence. Don't need that. But it would help me decide what projects to tackle if I could stop vacillating between having zero confidence in my abilities to being utterly quixotic. I've got to find a happy medium between those two attitudes, but I guess I'm a woman of extremes...

Also, I am all a-flutter over the gorgeous commission that did for me! Really, I just keep gazing at it and it just makes me feel so happy. It's such a happy, joyful picture that cheers me up.:) It's a color drawing of Saint Walker possessed by Adara (the Hope entity). Mek's design for that that I absolutely love and I've been wanting a picture of Walker-Adara from her for so long. And I was pleasantly surprised at the idea she came up with for the picture. I couldn't think of any creative thing to tell her that I wanted so just asked for the character flying around and looking pretty, but she drew him witnessing the birth of a star system *_*! (Adara would give Walker god-like powers like Ion gave Kyle, so this would be a possibility). So I could not be happier with this picture!

And on an unrelated note, I've been puzzled lately over general reactions to my fan art on tumblr and DA. On one hand, I'm happy with my progress this year. And the past couple of months my art has gotten a lot of very unexpected attention from talented artists that I really admire. That's a nice new development.:) But the puzzling thing is that my art is much less popular with fans in general. For example, I'll post a pic on DA, and rather than getting 50-80 "favs" like I would earlier last year, I get 5-20. But on the positive side, I get more comments from talented artists. Similar experience on tumblr too. I wondered at first if it was my choice of characters, but, no, the same thing happens when I draw a character that used to get me a lot of attention. My only guess that makes any sense is that the GL fandom has gotten an influx of very talented artists and my art is closer to the bottom of the pile now. And that's fine because I've been so inspired by all the art I've seen lately from new talented fans that have been drawn in by the animated series. So if that's the reason, then, I'm fine with that. But I still can't help but wonder if there is any other reason why my art is much less popular with fans. Something I'm doing wrong now maybe...Hmmm... Best not to let this bother me since I have no way of knowing what the fans are thinking. I'll just keep doing my best to improve. Favs and notes or whatever aren't the best indicators of how much one is improving anyway.

And on a more personal note, I had to deal with an old issue of mine once again. And that's that my general policy of non-confrontation doesn't promote the peace that I want. My avoidance only ends up hurting the feelings of the very people who I'm trying to spare. But I did make amends with someone in this instance at least.... Eh, well boring personal stuff and I've rambled on long enough as it is...

But to throw in one more random thought, David just made me laugh. We were debating about who in the GLverse is going to die during this Third Army crap and he ended the discussion by suggesting that the arc should end with Sinestro killing Geoff Johns. Lol (And yes he was joking. He's not one of those crazies who make death threats to comic book writers.) Gettin real tired of your shit, Johns!


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