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I'm not telling a soul what it is either. Not even David. It's for my original comic story. I've been struggling to find an interesting motivation for my heroes that hasn't been done to death. But now I have an idea that centers around a mystery that my characters will eventually discover. The kids just got home and I don't have time right now to explain the story that leads up to this huge mystery they set out to solve, but Im so excited to have come up with an answer that I think will offer a big enough payoff to readers after following this long quest of theirs that I have to take a moment just to do a little happy dance about it. :) And when they do discover the answer to this mystery, the answer will send then on another quest that will determine the fate of their entire race. A part 2. Yess...

Anyway, I'm just so glad to come up with a creative idea to get me motivated again. I'm thinking I'll actually do this as a graphic novel that I will self publish rather than a web comic, but I'll give that more thought after I've done a lot more writing.
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