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Darn it, I've forgotten about it being Friday this morning and got on tumblr awhile. I decided that tumblr and FB would be the thing on Fridays that I give up. But I forgot last week too. :/ I guess I'll program an alert in my phone to remind me like I have to do to remember my vitamins.

I did discover though that those social networks have more of a hold on me than I thought. I really didn't think staying off of them for a day would bug me, but I've found it pretty difficult actually. I kept picking up my iPhone throughout the day like a smoker reaching for a cigarette. I don't like that. And I don't even spend nearly as much time on the Internet as most people I know. But just the same, I'm wary of things that have any hold over me. So my decision to give this up on Fridays was a helpful thing, I just need to make sure to pay attention to what day it is. Lol

But really the time I spend online effects my mood and thought patterns more than I like to admit. That's why I don't regret unfollowing all those fandom blogs last year. I was worried that I hurt some feelings, and maybe I did. But the result for me has been that I have less stress and I don't spend nearly as much of time being irritated over trivial things. And I no longer have to struggle with keeping my mind out of the gutter. Seriously though, I couldn't bring up tumblr on my iPhone when anyone else was around because I never knew when someone would post something obscene or offensive. But now that's no longer a concern for me. That's really nice. I hate that I'm pretty much out of touch with other fans, but the sacrifice is worth the benefits for me. And I've made a couple of friends recently that I can talk to about some things that I really care about most, and that means a lot to me, especially since it's difficult for me to initially connect with people over stuff that isn't fandom related. Also I have for the most part stayed in touch with the friends I met in fandoms that mean the most to me. I didn't piss everyone off, at least. ;)
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