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Ok, I really need to settle down now. Nothing is going wrong so I guess my hormones are just screwing with me. But I'm feeling inexplicably fearful lately. And my fears only get stoked up worse by the strange dreams I'm having.
I woke up this morning from a dream that I'm still not over. In the dream I was home alone (which is bothering me lately. I'm feeling afraid to be at home alone during the day. But I don't have and other choice.) and I hear a sound in the house like someone was walking in but caught a glimpse of me and ran out of sight. So I sit in my bedroom terrified stiff but eventually start venturing out. Then this south African sounding guy startled me but says he's some kind of Christian minister of some sort, and I believe him enough to calm down. I don't ask questions for some reason. And he starts decorating my house so that I don't even recognize it anymore and it looks like kids classrooms. Then he leaves and I start to worry that the guy has something up his sleeve and that more people will break in my house and do god knows what. So I run to lock the door and there are these women already trying to come in. And I push on the door to shove them out but the door changes so that it's like really thin particle board. I still manage to shut them out, but then holes appear in the door and the women stick their hand through the holes and start touching me...Then I woke up from the dream freaked and immediately deadbolted the door. *sigh*

And I'm also constantly worried when I interact with people on the Internet that I'm irritating them. I keep running things over and over again in my head making sure I didn't write anything dumb... This is starting to get out of hand. I just need a really ginormous chill pill right now. I feel like I'm going nuts!
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