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Ok, I just need to take a moment to clear my head here and figure out how I'm going to make the rest of this week work. The kid's teachers did a home visit today and just left. And left me with a whole lot if preparing that I need to do. I need to purchase some supplies and organize them before they come over for the next home visit which will be either this Wednesday or Thursday. But I also have to decide if I want to do Sean's party on Wednesday or Thursday. Something I didn't realize is that their teachers train the kids how to act at birthday parties. So to do this they work with parents to do the kid's birthday parties. They rent a place and parents provide cake and stuff, and all the kids in the class are there with all the teachers to help out with everything. Nice, huh? But now I've got to figure out if I can manage to to the party first or the home visit first... Both will take the same amount of planning I think... I thought that by writing out my thoughts that would clear my head, but that hasn't worked. Lol

Well, at least the teachers have given me some practical solutions to solve some major behavioral problems that they are going to help me implement on a weekly basis until I'm all set. I'm looking forward to seeing some good results from all this effort. :)...

Wait, I just realized something... I'll have to do a cake with a difficult design. Lately Sean has shown a clear preference for Ninja Turtles over TTG and that means I'll be drawing turtles with frosting. Eek. Maybe giving myself till Thursday for the party might be a good idea...


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