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I've been debating about whether or not to start tagging my fan art again so fans can find it. I haven't drawn anything I'm proud of lately, so it doesn't matter right now, but I'm planning some stuff (mostly AtLA stuff. But some GL) But I'm wondering if simply not following fan blogs is enough to keep me from getting wrapped up in a fandom again. The fandom experience wasn't all bad for me. It's easier for me to connect with people over fan-ish stuff than anything else, and I made some friends, so I don't regret it. But it just got to the point where it was causing me much much stress than enjoyment. And I'm more likely to get stressed now than usual...
But then, AtLA isn't a current show, so I wouldn't have to deal with a lot of the same kind of crap I had to deal with in the GLTAS fandom. It also has a much larger fan base and is likely to be more diverse. That also means more weirdos though. But then, I don't have to follow anyone back or search the tags for the characters (man, just doing Google searches brought up some things that I wish I could unsee)...

IDK, but I'd love to talk about the show with someone...Maybe if I started tagging my stuff again, other AtLA fans will want to chat with me. And maybe even some of them are cool people with blogs that won't stress me out. Maybe. *shrugs*
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