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I've started catching up on comics today. I've given up on trying to do any art until I'm feeling better. I hate that, but drawing only gets me stressed out right now, which makes me feel even worse. But maybe if I can just enjoy some of the entertainment that inspires me, I'll have some inspiration to work from when I'm feeling well enough to draw again. And to that end, maybe I'll watch John Carter when the kids go to bed. I've wanted to do some fan art for that movie since I first saw it, but I was waiting till I could buy the DVD so I could learn to draw Tars and Sorla's hard-to-draw features by doing a lot of quick sketches of them from paused scenes. That's how I eventually learned how to draw the GLTAS aliens, actually. I need to do that with TMNT as well. (I'm enjoying the show again. The criticism I voiced about the show didn't make a whole lot of sense, I know. I just got super annoyed that the Kraang were interested in April. I also didn't like that the Pulveriser was turned into Mutagen Man. It didn't freak me out like it did a lot of fans, but that was the first time I really started cooling to the show. And April at least needs to stay human. In a show where everyone is a mutant, or, like Baxter Stockman, soon will be, you need at least one person to stay normal as sort of a stand-in for the audience. But now that I see how Aprils "specialness" played out, I'm satisfied. I hadn't realized that that character mattered so much to me though... But now I'm mostly interested in Splinter and Karai/Miwa.) I don't know if the comics will offer me any ideas or not. I did enjoy reading them today, though. I haven't picked up this week's comics yet, but I read the issues of GL titles that I hadn't read, and Guardians of the Galaxy. The odd thing is, I'm enjoying Hal more that I am Kyle right now. Hal isn't being very smart right now, but I think he's overwhelmed with responsibility that he didn't ask for, and he's taking the latest defeat and the casualties very personally. But Kyle's attitude bugs me. I do like seeing him with Carol though, I think she brings out his better qualities. I'd never want to see them become more than good friends though. But I hope they do become good friends. And Larfleeze continues to be fun. And Guy Gardner's presence is making Red Lanterns really interesting. The only thing that is a major turd in the punch bowl for me is yet another threat to the emotional spectrum. I'm super sick of the writers threatening to do away with it. DC should understand that they will lose fan in droves if they ever do that, but then based on other creative decisions they've made with the New 52, they don't seem to care. But I'm probably worried for nothing. It's most likely cheap drama to get fans stirred up. It's comics after all... I'm still enjoying GotG. The only complaint I have is the complaint I have with all Marvel comics, and that is that I'm largely unfamiliar with the Marvel Universe... I know, this was nothing but a ramble lol
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