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I've fallen in love with oil painting and enjoying it more than I ever have, and this is just SO problematic. For one, the process is so much slower since I have to wait for a layer of paint to dry before going on to the next layer. I think I may pick up some Japan dryer today so that I can at least add it to my base layers to speed up drying time.But then, I have to be careful with it because it can darken and crack the paint as it dries. And that brings up the next problem, it's tricky to get just the right mixture of medium for whatever stage of the painting you're working on, or what technique you're using.
Plus, oils are so darn messy to work with...

But I love the feel and look of oils so much that for me there is just no substitute for them. But I guess I can work on multiple paintings at the same time so that I won't have to quit painting when a layer needs to dry, I could just move on to another painting. I'm doing two right now, but when I get this Mac presentation out of the way, I'll start a third painting. (I completely shirked that Mac thing this week. The oils just called to me, it's not my fault...)

I will eventually post pics of these online, but I'm waiting until I get to the point where I've found my stride with the oil painting and I'm not so awkward with it. I know I was trying to post sketchy things, works in progress, and whatever mediocre thing I turned out during the day, but I've started to feel a bit self-conscious and just plain embarrassed over some of that stuff. I'd really rather post pics of things I feel confident about. I feel like I'll get there pretty soon though, I am improving pretty well lately.
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