Jan. 10th, 2014

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David took the day off so that we could register for baby things at Target. We did set up a registry and chose what we wanted, but the trouble is, the store is in the process of changing out everything in that department. A lot of what I registered for won't be there in a week. The good news about that is that if our friends haul ass to Target before then, they can get these things at clearance prices. But after that, we are going to have to make another trip to Target to select different items. Bummer, because I really want that particular bassinet and bouncer chair...Oh, well. If I don't get those, maybe they'll be replaced with something I like just as much.

We're trying to get Bridget's room cleaned out and this has been tough. I did manage though to find clear out a closet for all my canvasses and frames by making a space for it on the laundry room. The art stuff is what was taking up most of Bridget's closet space, so at least that's taken care of. David just needs to figure out what to do with more of the books. It's really starting to irritate me that that room isn't ready yet tbh. I was all chill about it until a few days ago when I got an unexpected burst of energy and went on a year throughout the house organizing and making space to store the stuff cluttering Bridget's room. And now I'm on a roll. But I try to remind myself that three months is enough time to clean that room and paint it and put in flooring. I'm still on edge about it though.

One nice surprise today was that we got to go out to eat at the fanciest Italian restaurant in town on Centenary College's dime. It was one of David's boss's birthday, so the staff and I were invited to the birthday lunch. I got this thing with beef and mushrooms in a rich chianti sauce served on creamy polenta. It was wonderful. Reminds me of an Italian version of the beef burgundy that I used to make a lot. I think I might be able to recreate it myself actually. I should try that...


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