Aug. 31st, 2013

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I don't feel like my art is special enough to attract any fans, and yet, I do have a few fans. There are people who really follow what I do on DA, and ask me when I'm going to do more with my original characters. I got such a note today. It's an odd feeling because while I'm really flattered, I can't help but feeling like they have got to be putting me on. I'm not saying my art is bad, but with so many phenominal artists on DA whose art and original characters make mine look pretty flimsy in comparison, why would they even notice me? Maybe they just see some potential that I don't see and they are trying to encourage me. Idk

But they did bring up my characters just when I've started thinking about them again. I won't make any promises that I'm going to write or draw anything with them right now. But they are on my mind again and the thought that some people would like to see more of my original story stuff does make me more inclined to work on it.


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