Apr. 29th, 2013

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Today I did something stupid that resulted in having a pretty good day. I wanted to go and paint with my friends that I haven't seen in awhile who always paint at one of their houses on Mondays. So I went in to town with David so he could drop me off there. Only no one was home. I should have called first, right? That's what a sensible person would have done. *facepalm*

I couldn't get a ride back home until David left to pick the kids up from school. But I was able to sit in David's office and do some anatomy drawings, which was something I really need to do. So I did accomplish something that I needed to. The really fun part though, was walking around on the campus grounds and taking pictures. The Centenary College campus is covered in the most beautiful gardens and even has a wonderful arboretum featuring so many of the most fascinating native Louisiana trees (even a water locust, which is the freakiest looking tree that has clusters of five inch spikes spiraling up the smooth trunk. It's the most "metal" tree there is!LOL) So during the springtime, those grounds just come to life...And I even got some wonderful up-close pictures of a young mockingbird that I may use as references for a drawing. And on top of all of this, I got me some sushi! :3

So this is a good way to start of the week. Especially since I needed to calm the heck down. It's seems that I know two different modes: lazy as molasses, or so anxious over getting work done that I can't get any work done. Ugh. But I'm feeling like I'm in a balanced enough state right now to actually accomplish things this week. So that's good.


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