Apr. 17th, 2013

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Today has been pretty good so far. I got out just to clear me head a bit. I usually only get out to go to church on Sunday, and all the dull sameness and isolation during the week has made it hard for me to focus.

I normally just have David pick up the comics, but today I hung out at the comic book store and chatted with some folks. Mostly about our favorite sci-fi TV shows. And that was really nice and reminded me how much more fun it is to geek out with people IRL than it is online. No one ignores when I say something (not that I usually have any interesting opinions, but it's nice when people respond anyway). And when I don't know some geeky fact that they do, no one ridicules me for it, but they are happy to tell me all about it. So that was fun. And besides my usual pull list, I made splurge for the month on a beautiful large hardcover "The Art of Steve Ditko" Aww yeah!:)

I also walked around the gorgeous college campus where David works, taking pictures of the beautiful spring flowers. That was a whole lot of fun as well...

And I was able to clear my head a bit. And I realized that I'd forgotten about the sketches that I need to do for my mother-in-law's mural work. Oops. At least she doesn't wanted me to get started right away, but, I know her, and she's super picky and it takes her a long time to make up her mind about things when it comes to decorating especially. So I'd better go ahead and start sketching on ideas, because this could really take awhile.


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