Apr. 13th, 2013

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I've come to a pause with the major art projects that I've been working on because I'm feeling the need to, yet again, reevaluate which thing needs to take priority.

The thing is, the most successful thing I've done in a very long time has been that children's book. Those are continuing to sell, and I'm starting to wonder if maybe I have more potential of gaining some success as an independent children's book creator than a comic artist. And that is certainly a much bigger market. People are always willing to buy stuff for their kids, even when they're broke. I know I am.

I do enjoy creating comics so much, and I love some of my OCs, but maybe I should just keep that as a side hobby? This is what I'm considering at this point anyway.

And another thing to consider is that I can do exactly the kind of books that I know my kids will enjoy. They really like verse a lot more than prose (they enjoy listening to the rhythms of the words when I read to them), and I know they enjoy my art (maybe because it's familiar to them, IDK, but I know they respond well to it). I've been thinking of doing some Bible story picture books, actually. It would be a bit of a challenge for me to write the stories in verse form, but I think I could pull it off.

I'm not going to do all of the stuff I mentioned the other day, though. David thought that would be way too much for me to take on, and suggested that if we decide to do the crowd funding thing for Elliot, I can offer prints and signed books for most giving levels, and only offer paintings for the higher giving levels. And he thinks we should wait and make sure this school is really all it's reputation suggests. And we won't know that until we see how well Sean does in the program. So I won't concern myself with that for now.


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