Apr. 11th, 2013

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Today some people from the private school Sean will be attending soon came over for a kind of evaluation. And I'm feeling very good about things, actually. They were surprised that with the low level of functioning they have that they can respond and behave as well as they do. And they made me feel a lot better about what I've been doing with the kids. They said that talking to me and David was "like a breath of fresh air" because we have a detailed understanding of our kids and practical ideas and goals for them. That means a lot because I so often feel like I don't know how the heck to raise these boys. They really throw me a lot of curveballs! But it's great that I will be working with therapists and teachers that value my input.

They really want both boys to go to this school, and, of course I do too. It's not that Elliot's education isn't worth the money, we just don't have the money. David has an idea though. Apparently there is this site called GoFundMe. It's a funding site, as the name implies, and people have used it to fund tuition. He figures that we'll let Elliot go to his current school next year while we raise the funds we need for him to go to the better school.

You're supposed to offer rewards, of course, but then, I can always offer my art. I'm not sure exactly what kind of art to do for this kind of thing though. I was thinking that at the lower giving levels ($10-$50) I could offer digital drawing commissions, for characters as well as portraits from photos. And for the higher giving levels, some paintings. But then, I'm not sure if I should offer paintings I've already done, or do painting commissions... I'll have to give this more thought.

But I hope this option will work, because Elliot no longer has qualified teachers working with him and both kids have really stagnated this year. And there are no plans in the works for this situation to change. I really want what's best for them both. I've just got to believe I can make this happen.


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