Feb. 28th, 2013

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Crap bunnies. Manga Studio just crashed on me and deleted the drawing I was working on, and it was a really difficult drawing for me to do. And I've just been having more difficulty with drawing than usual. That really does not put me in the most creative mood. I think I may just do some housework right now so it's not waiting for me in the morning and I can return to my art after a good night's rest.

On the positive side, I finally drew a good design for one of my characters that I just couldn't picture before. And I have what I think really good idea for a bird-like alien character. I really think it will work, I just need to try and flesh out the idea and see... Also it always cheers me up when Sean and Elliot give me such smiles when I read to them the children's book that I created. I read it to them before sending them to bed and they just love it so much. Just for that I think that book is the best thing I've ever created, and I don't feel so down on my self when I see how much my boys enjoy it.:)


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