Feb. 23rd, 2013

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Today's GLTAS episode "Larfleeze" was so wonderful that it just made me sad. And I know I said this elsewhere, but I was starting to let go of the show at this point, but then the show has to go and be all wonderful again just to make sure I'll really miss it. *sigh*

My consolation as a GL fan is that I'm starting to feel really hopeful about the new creative teams for the comics. Johns is good at introducing wonderful concepts and characters, but then he doesn't know what to do with them. But these are some talented teams and I'm excited to see what they will do. And I'm thrilled that Keith Giffen and Scott Kolins are creating a book for Larfleeze, because honestly, the Larfleeze shorts have been the best part of Threshold. I've been enjoying the series, but the Larfleeze shorts steal the show. Giffen and Kolins are just a really good creative match IMO. And I'm not usually a fan of Kolins, but he's perfect for this project. And I know that this isn't a popular opinion but I actually thoroughly enjoyed the part of GLNG annual that was done by Giffen and Kolins. The opening bit with Bedard and another artist (can't remember who) was just, meh. But Giffen and Kolins made it really just so much FUN. So really after reading that annual, I wanted to see them team up on something again. So that makes me happy.

And I'm liking the way the GL titles are wrapping up so far. I'm actually enjoying the titles again (well, RL is still not that great, but the rest are really picking up for me). I've realized though that I am emotionally invested in certain aspects of the characters and stories that other fans I'm hearing from are not. The last two issues of GLNG were very emotional for me in a good way, but it seems other fans aren't caring for it that much. To each his own, I guess.. I also think Valthoom is a really interesting antagonist and even though its obvious where the story arch will go at this point, I'm still looking forward to seeing how they are going to take us there....

So anyway, at least I'm enjoying the comics again. So my life as a GL fan isn't over yet.


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