Jan. 21st, 2013

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I'm having a much harder time this week thinking of a good idea for a GLTAS fan comic. I know I won't have much time today to work on it, with everyone being home now, but I at least wanted to have an idea for the comic by now. I'm hoping that when I get some time to myself to think that I can come up with an idea. I thought about asking for prompts on tumblr, but honestly, I'm nervous about the kinds of things people might ask me to do. That's really one of the main reasons that I don't want to do an ask blog. I'm afraid I'll get a bunch of questions that I don't want to deal with and also I'd feel pressure to produce things quickly.

But, I don't know. Maybe it would be a good idea to go with some sort of ask blog because at least I'd have some input from fans to help get the creative ball rolling for me. Maybe I wouldn't feel as stuck as I do now even if I might have to deal with questions that push me outside my comfort zone. And I'd have a better idea of what others would find entertaining, I guess. But then, I'm not even sure what character I could work well with for such a blog. I've considered Ganthet simply because I feel there are so many more possibilities for stories that that character could tell, since as Guardian he's privy to more of what goes on behind the most important events in the stories than most other characters. Plus I really like Ganthet.

But I don't know. Maybe all I need is a day to myself to come up with an idea. And I'm actually thinking about fan comics being my focus right now rather than illustrating old comic scripts. I think the latter might be good to have for a final portfolio, but as far as simply learning the basics of narrative art goes, I think creating fan comics is a good way to go about that. Plus it's just more fun.


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